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We are pleased to present the new processing line for the modification of thermoplastic based on a twin screw extruder for the processing of polyamide with fiberglass.

The modern technical solutions used in it affect both the final quality of the product and the efficiency of the entire production process. The equipment required for the production of modified plastic and their configurations demand high technical requirements. The main aspects of these activities include:

  • Optimum level of dispersion and distribution (proper screw configuration)
  • Effective degassing of volatile substances (atmospheric ventilation, vacuum pump with degassing for removal of volatile substances)
  • A wide range of rotational speeds of screws (efficiency, mixing intensity, optimization)
  • High degree of protection against wear (hardness and durability of elements of the plastic system)
  • Precise adjustment of process parameters, especially temperature (allowing its full control)
  • Modularity of the construction of screws and cylinder (availability, interchangeability, economy, ergonomics).

The new processing line for the modification of thermoplastic

Through to the applied process innovations in the technology of receiving new products leading to a significant improvement of the current stages of the production process, we can offer a wide range of new products and services competitive not only on the Polish but also on the European market. It will also be possible to "outsource" provision of recompounding services based on material form the counterparty who want to minimize waste in their own plants and maximize the use of raw material resources that ensure cost-effectiveness.

The new installation gives us the opportunity to achieve the planned goal: we can offer partners an even wider range of products of the highest quality, in addition to maintaining competitive prices.

Both in the case of secondary and primary materials, thanks to compounding, individual, "tailor-made" properties can be given to plastics. Among the options available, you can mention, among others:

  • Filling with minerals (talk, chalk, barite, wollastonite, mica, others)
  • Reinforced with fiberglass
  • Composition of hybrid glass fiber / mineral / glass beads
  • Dampers in flammability classes V0, V1, V2 (acc. To UL-94 standard)
  • Dismantling towards raising (improving) thermal resistance (GWT up to 960 deg C)
  • Thermal stabilization
  • Process stabilization (antioxidants, lubricants, easy molding, other)
  • Light stabilization (LS) and ultraviolet (UV)
  • Compatibility and improve miscibility
  • antistatic
  • staining
  • nucleation
  • Impact Modification (Impact Resistance)

These properties make plastics competing with traditional materials such as glass or metal alloys. They are cheaper, lighter, now they can also be more durable and have additional properties obtained thanks to compounding.

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creation date: 2018-02-12 11:54:22