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100,000 tons of plastics produced and sold on the European market confirms our belief that we have chosen the right path in our business. Thanking our clients for the trust placed in us, we invite you to join us on a journey towards infinity… traveling together is easier.

For years, our offer has been directed to companies that produce plastic waste and understand the possibilities offered by their reuse. Waste management services allow them to be given new properties, reused by the company and increased in value. Many years of experience in the recycling of plastics will ensure professional service of this process based on TS compounding and recompounding ... let's find the right way together.

We hope that we will continue to be a reliable partner for all customers operating in the plastics processing sector, offering both the highest quality of our products and services as well as the most modern research and development facilities ... let's discover what is undiscovered.


In our activity, we focus on professionalism in operation combined with the highest quality of the offered species of TS compounds and thermoplastic recompounds. Flexibility in adapting to customer expectations, timely deliveries and full service support are an integral part of our offer ... we invite you to travel with us.

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