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Currently, we have many products both regrinds and regranulates in DRP Group warehouses. We present a bill of quantities below. The list of materials may change due to regular sales. In case of interest in particular items, please call or email to confirm the availability and price and reception conditions.


Styrene polymers

 Product  Color  Form  Quantity (kg)
 ABS DEV 1157 GRANITE                   grey  regrind  19 683
 ABS Lustran H802   black varnish              regrind  16 907


 Product  Color  Form  Quantity (kg)
 PP 1774 (PP T15)                               black                 granulate  11 400
 PP  gold  regrind  3133
 PP OMILEN P FIM GF30  black  granulate  17 150
 PP Tipplen K880       black                             granulate  64 567
 HDPE Kautex/MS 201 B  black  regrind  7753


 Product  Color  Form  Quantity (kg)
 PA 6 V0  black  regrind  886
 PA 6 V0  light gray  regrind  4820
 PA 6.6 Bestnyl SE50VI02AH             black  regrind  7522
 PA 66 Restramid A27 GF25  natural  regrind  3082
 PA 6.6 Schulamid GF25  natural  regrind  14 856
 PA 6.6 Schulamid GF25  natural  regrind  5428
 PA 6.6 Schulamid GF30  white  regrind  9908
 PA 6.6 Technyl A218 V25  black  regrind  1889
 PA 6.6 Technyl A218 V30  black  regrind  5163
 PA 6.6 Vampamid 2526V0  gray  regrind  10 858
 PA 6.6 Altech A 2035/507GF35  black  regrind  25 300
 PA 6.6 Durethan AKV35  black  regrind  7677
 PA 6.6 Durethan AKV35  natural  regrind  433
 PA 6.6 GF mozaika    regrind  2806
 PA 6.6+6I/X Grivory GV-5H GF50  black  regrind  1099
 PA 6.6+6I/X Grivory GV-5H GF50  black varnish             regrind  6471
 PA STANYL TW200 F6  natural  regrind  4305


 Product  Color  Form  Quantity (kg)
 PBT ex. RADITER B N100          grafit  regrind  2518
 PBT GF 30%GF ALPHA  black  regrind  4609
 PBT GF 30%GF Pocan B3235          black                               regrind  19 238
 PBT Pocan B15  dark gray  regrind  8555
 PBT Ultradur B4520  black metallized  regrind  30 174
 PBT Ultradur B4520  gray  regrind  3230
 PBT Ultradur B4520  dark gray  regrind  275
 PBT Ultradur B4520            gray metallized  regrind  3597


 Product  Color  Form  Quantity (kg)
 PBT/PC MAKROBLEND KU7912       black metallized  regrind  18 849
 PBT/PC  mix. gray+black  regrind  2840
 PBT/PC  gray  regrind  1329
 PBT/PET Arnite TV4 461 KL  black  regrind  38 220
 PMMA+ABS Boxer  czarny dual bezbarwny  regrind  3143
 PMMA+ABS Boxer  mozaika  regrind  1100
 ABS/PC  black  regrind  5491


 Product  Color  Form  Quantity (kg)
 POM Omiform BC MO                       black                                 granulate  4400


The regrinds and regranulates mentioned above  are only a part of our stock. If you are interested in our full offer, please visit the PRODUCTS section.