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Currently, we have many products both regrinds and regranulates in DRP Group warehouses. We present a bill of quantities below. The list of materials may change due to regular sales. In case of interest in particular items, please call or email to confirm the availability and price and reception conditions.

Styrene polymers

  Product  Color  Form  Quantity available (kg)
 ABS Lustran H802                         black varnish regrind 20 958
 ABS/PA Cilax black regrind 5 648
 ABS/PC black lacquered regrind 9 818
 PS Edistir N2380 colorless regrind 2 126



  Product  Color  Form  Quantity available (kg)
 PA 6 Nilamid 73440NG010              creamy regrind 880
 PA 6 Nilamid AG4FRC4  black regrind 3 200
 PA 6 V0  black regrind 886
 PA 6 V0 light grey regrind 4 820
 PA 6.6 Bestnyl SE50VI02AH  black regrind 7 522
 PA 6.6 GF25 Vampamid 2526V0  gray regrind 10 858
 PA 6.6 Nilamid AG4FRC4 natural regrind 1 000
 PA 6.6 Technyl A218 V25 black regrind 1 889
 PA 6.6 Technyl A218 V30 black regrind 5 163
 PA 66 Durethan AKV35 black regrind 7 677
 PA 66 Durethan AKV50  black regrind 3 134
 PA 66+6I/X Grivory GV-5H GF50 black regrind 1 099
 PA 66+6I/X Grivory GV-5H GF50 black lacquered regrind 6 471



 Product  Color  Form Quantity available (kg)
 PBT ex. Raditer B N100       graphite regrind 2 518
 PBT Lupox SG 5300 A-KX 002 black original 100
 PBT Lupox TE 5000 HK AD2 black original 818
 PBT Ultradur B4520 dark gray regrind 275
 PBT Valox Grade 830X black original 460
 PBT/PC  black regrind 3 123
 PBT/PET Arnite TV4 461 KL            black regrind 33 062


Polyvinyles Chloride

 Product  Color  Form Quantity available (kg)
 PCV VCA 76/7E                               black regrind 5853



  Product  Color  Form  Quantity available (kg)
 PP GF30 Omikron BLV802        black regrind 6 866
 PP GF40 Supran 1340 HF black regrind 5 091
 PP Isoglas CGF VUV H30 natural regrind 4 105
 PP Thermofil APG30I GF30  black regrind 1 655
 PP Thermofil APG50K GF50  black regrind 1 100
 PP Thermofil GPP GF30 black regrind 945
 Przemiał PET+PC Makroblend 7665 dark gray regrind 9 571
 Regranulat PP Omilen P FIM GF30 black regranulate 17 150
 HDPE EM 233 MA black,
intended for embossing
regranulate 5 000



 Product  Color  Form  Quantity available (kg)
 TPE Thermolast K TP8VCZ B100                         gray original 48

The regrinds and regranulates mentioned above  are only a part of our stock. If you are interested in our full offer, please visit the PRODUCTS section.