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Our offer includes:

the production of dyed plastics based on organic dyes and pigments, found in the form of:

          ● granulates
          ● microgranules
          ● powders

the production of polymer composites with fillers:

          ● talk
          ● chalk (CaCO3)
          ● mica
          ● wood polymer composite (WPC)
          ● silica
          ● kaolin
          ● glass fiber

modification of the plastics properties by applying:

          ● flame retardants
          ● antistatics
          ● plasticisers
          ● lubricants
          ● antioxidants
          ● stabilizers

● the production of blends and polymer alloys of compatible plastics which allows the combination of the best construction materials features commonly used.

● plastics modifiers

The repeatability of the product is being constantly monitored by our own laboratory focused on the mechanical properties research of plastics.

Offer of co-operation is based on:

● original plastics
● secondary (raw) plastics
● customer’s own plastics
● plastics available by the DRP Group