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Our company offers a professional service of collecting a wide and diverse range of post-production thermoplastic wastes. With our advanced technological solutions within recycling, which the DRP GROUP possess, we are able to process not only wastes types the most widely present on the market, but also wastes complicated due to its structure, dimensions or type of plastics contained therein. Being property of our company, the developed logistics facilities as well as containers for waste transportation and storage let us render premium quality services, both according to the established schedule, and in the case of emerging needs of our customers. The DRP GROUP has the decision to authorise transport of wastes, which gives our customers the guarantee of cooperation with a reliable partner being the leader in our industry.
Our strengths include:
● Business activiti complies with the law, both domestic and European;
● Extensive technical and technological infrastructure, which consists of the machinery and logistics facilities developed based on many years of experience;
● Stable, comfortable and flexible terms of cooperation;
● In-depth knowledge of the recycling industry;
● Experienced staff, including qualified specialists in their field;
● Developed processing facilities;
● The highest standards regarding waste processing.